Why Hackers Hack

Online safety is often one of the things that are taken for granted. We should not be lulled into complacency by thinking that we are not important enough to become targets. Unfortunately, my friends, it does not work that way. When you register online for anything, whether it is Social Media, an online forum, an online gaming community, logging in for work, or entertainment you automatically become targeted by a host of multiple threats that are out to get any information that could lead into personal data and financial gains. Even a valid email address and a phone number are worth something to somebody online. By simply having an online presence you open yourself up to vulnerabilities. Take a look at online betting and gambling sites for example, when you login, you will have an account with money. When a hacker gets a hold of your credentials, they do get a hold of whatever betting money you will have on that account at their disposal. Of course, you can employ some safety measures when choosing your gambling site. It also helps to choose your best agen judi online and be as picky as possible. Why are these hackers out to get information? Let us look at some of the most obvious and not so obvious reasons below. 


     The number one reason why there are hackers out there is money, there is money to be had for every bit of personal data they can get. Just as simple as an email and a phone number can be traded online for money. Businesses pay for information like this in bulk. And that is just the tip of the information trade that is being done black market style. more sinister reason would be to get your personal information to get to your financial records and siphon off your money from there. Sometimes they would get financial records and siphon off just a little bit of money from each account that they hack, these would be of no consequence to the individual but what if they hacked thousands of accounts? When you think of it in those numbers it gets really interesting. Also by hacking your credentials they would gain access to your contacts and send them malware and phishing emails too to gain access to their accounts.


Social Media

       Another reason is social media manipulation. The amount of likes and followers also means money albeit a more circumvented way. The results are the same though and money is still made.


       A popular method of hacking now came as a direct result of cryptocurrency popularity. Ransomware attacks will hold data in your computer hostage until you make a payment, usually in the form of cryptocurrency. As soon as they receive the payment, they may release your computer from the virus.

     There are other reasons but we outlined the primary above. Money and financial gain is still the top reason why hackers hack their way into your system.

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