The slot is literally defined as an opening found in a container or in a machine. Slot otherwise known as slot machine, poker machine is a machine usually seen and used in a casino building which consists of multiple reels that rotates or revolves after a button on the slot is pushed. The slot is found almost all casinos: casino such as Entaplay with a domain name of makes use of a slot machine as one out of its many operations with attracting offers for players. The slot machine is made of a detector that detects currency to validate its originality when money is inserted into it. This detector is built into the machine because players at times uses fake currency.


A player using a slot machine inserts cash, which could also be in a form of paper ticket into the opening of the slot machine. A slot machine is usually of rectangular shape with an opening on the front of the machine and reels. Slot machine works when the lever is rotated or when the button on the slot machine is pressed, or through touchscreen for the advanced slot machine. Using slot machine may or may not require any skill from the slot players. The main objective of the slot game is to win money from the machine.


The slot machine has many terms such as the comps, the cashback, advantage otherwise known as house edge, payback, progressive jackpot slot, straight slots, random number generator, and multiple payline slots etc.

  • Slot comps have to do with services different casino offers to slot players as a loyalty bonus to encourage them to play more. This loyalty is usually given to high rollers that is big time slot players.
  • Progressive jackpot slot is the casino game considered by many players to be the most amazing.
  • House edge, otherwise known as advantage is high in slot machines that other games played in a casino.
  • Random number generator processes many numbers in seconds and selects a number between an already established range of numbers and this selected number is assigned to different reels when the lever is rotated.


Funny enough, certain slot players believe winning in slot machine has to do with certain myth. Myths which slot players consider before playing include:

  1. The fallacy of slot players.

This is a myth that makes certain slot gamblers to choose a slot machine which someone else recently used to win a game. Despite this myth, the slot machine is made of generators of random number and both the outcome is based on luck.

  1. The speed of slot machine.

Some players believe spinning a lever fast or slow gives them an advantage in winning; winning in slot is based on random occurrence.

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