3 Simple Rules to Playing Poker

There are two table games that have been combined and that is called Domino Poker, also known as Poker99. The two tables games have been played by millions of people around the world for decades now. But now, there are different rules for the games.  Initially created in China, the game was marked by a game called Pai Gow. In a loose translation, it is “double hand” due to it being spread into an international poker game.

A Brief History

As stated in the first paragraph, Poker Domino started from the game Pai Gow. Since its beginning, there has been a number of attempts to recreate a game based on the original. There are numerous variations. However, despite the availability of many games revolving around gambling, many players still consider the original as the best. But that does not stop other players from enjoying their choice of game.


There are three (3) rules to poker domino.

The first rule

  • Poker Domino is also known as 99 domino, as stated above. It was designed for two to four poker players. To begin the game, the players must decide on how much money they are willing to bet on the game. Preferably, the players must concede to the cutoff points, whether greatest or least, on the amount of money that was agreed upon. The bets they place is called their “ante”.

Poker Domino

The second rule

  • The dominos are arranged to be faced down. The merchant player, the only one who is able to see the tiles, gives five tiles to each of the players. The tiles given are for the owner’s eyes only and cannot be seen by their opponents. As soon as the actions have taken place, the players are allowed to take more actions such as check, fold, bet, and call, and then raise on their turn.

The third rule

  • There are times wherein the game gets a bit jittery, and so, a call is made and all the players must reveal their hands of tiles. The highest-ranking player is declared as the winner. They take the pot. Note that the hand takes the highest to lowest points in the following classes: Royal Hand, Straight Sixes, then the Four-of-a-Kind, and Straight Fives, followed by the Full House. Bonus points would be the Straight Fours, Three-of-a-Kind, Triple, Flush, and Single Pair.

If you ever decide on taking up Poker Domino then look no further for the sign. As you can see above, the game is very easy to play. Just practice a bit and you will become a pro in no time.

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