The various factors that make a casino online safe

There are thousands of casinos online. Every year new ones are being added. Not all these casinos are genuine. There are those that can cause you to lose your money because they are out to cheat you. There are others that offer you a less than desirable experience and there are those that are operating without a licence. Such sites are not to be trusted.What makes for a most trusted online casino?

There are a number of factor that will help you decide whether a casino is trustworthy.


The most important sign is whether the site is licenced or not. At the bottom of the home page you will find the licencing logo. There are quite a few casino jurisdictional regulatory bodies around the world. Not all of them are reliable. Some jurisdictional bodies will ensure that the gaming sites follow strict regulations-these are the most trusted online casinos. Others are not so particular. They are content to get their licencing fee from the casino and then look the other way. Some casinos can even provide false certification. Therefore it is best to double check. There are casino services that operate in a watchdog capacity to help with this.

Certification from a security service is also important. These companies make sure that there are no underhand activities going on in the casino and they are therefor the protection of the player.

Software testing companies check the software to make sure everything is working well. If faults are detected, the casino has a chance to rectify it.

The source of games being offered

Trusted casinos with good reviews all have their games created by top, reliable casino providers like Microgaming, Netent and EGT in their collection. These games offer good bonuses and free spins. These companies have been in existence for many years and have licences from a number of countries.

If games are usually popular then this is an indication that the casino is offering good games from reliable sources. If a site has been in operation for a long time and is doing well then one can assume that it is a good place to play.

Money matters

Another indicator of a safe and trustworthy site is its list of ways by which you can pay. Does it have reliable sources like Visa, Mastercard and American Express on its list? A good site will also have a good number of payment systems. If they are good sites they will be accepted by well-known payment providers.

Does it have encryption? Do you see https: before its site name?  This is another important factor to watch out for. Do you see a lock at the bottom of your page?

With the number of new casinos turning up every day and the thousands that are already there, one cannot be too careful. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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