Zoom on all the exclusive bonuses offered by online casinos

Online casinos are distinguished from physical casinos by their greater generosity in their bonus policy. Thus, a battle is raging on the internet: in order to be as attractive as possible, the various online casinos are always seeking to offer a more advantageous offer than the competitor.

Considered goldenslot download ios one of the essential points when choosing an online casino – according to a survey between people of the Japan – welcome bonuses and other loyalty bonuses must both be profitable for the establishment while giving the player the opportunity to take advantage of it. These varied offers deserve a stop in order to understand better how they work. Today we will tell you all about payment bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

Payment bonuses

Depending on the payment method you prefer, you may be eligible for a deposit bonus, or “payment bonus.”

A € 10 bonus on your next deposit of more than € 50″! Or: “We credit a bonus of 50% of your next deposit, up to € 200, to your account”: if you are familiar with online casinos, this type of advertisement is not for you unknown.


Bonuses without payment

Quality casinos golddengold always know the value of their products and often do not hesitate to offer bonuses without deposit to their customers, so that they can test a wider range of products.

This type of bonus generally comes in two forms. The player can be credited with a fairly low amount (generally around 10 or 20 €) that he can use unconditionally in a very long period of time. But another option is to credit a much higher sum (sometimes a few hundred Euros) that the player can only use for a few minutes or a few hours.

Be careful, though, as these bonuses are rarely offered unconditionally. In most cases, you will be asked to replay the bonus amount offered a set number of times before you can withdraw it. In order to know this type of information, you will have to consult the conditions of the bonus, or sometimes peel through the General Conditions of Use.

Why refuse a bonus?

The only reason you might not want to take advantage of a no deposit bonus would be because you do not want to provide your personal details at the time of registration. However, no casino will ever let you play (even for free) without creating an account (for security reasons). If you, therefore, wish to play online, there is no apparent reason to refuse a no deposit bonus.

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