The Snowy Entrance Is The First Time In The World


Sometimes it can be very hard for people to comprehend certain things that may be very simple for other people. It is that difference that keeps us still humans and defines us as to who we are. Without this aspect of our lives we would just be dumb mammals floating around with no less emotions that a machine. So when we say that the ceme99 is to be held in the coldest and the harshest environment known to man, Russia you might want to reconsider that image you had of the sunshine and the roses blooming when you tune in to watch the finals. Some of harshest and the brutal weather you can find anywhere in the world is Russia and the most prestigious sporting event in the world that has one of the most watched broadcast in the world is something to be taken aback by and it is natural for people to not fully comprehend the idea of it.


The Beauty In Brutality

One might ask, what is wrong with snow and harsh weather of Russia? And that person would have asked a pristine question. It doesn’t have to be all sunshine and roses and there is certainly no rule that says that the ceme99  should be held in warmer and more pleasant climate. As a matter of fact, due to the harsh weather conditions, it will be harder for players to play and thus bringing out the best in them to face the challenge and as we all know very well that adversity brings out the best in everyone.


Ideally, the best in all the players of the event is what people want to see and hope to witness the spectacle and it does not matter if it happens in snow or a fiery pit.

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