Learn how to play domino qq kiu kiu

With the evolution of technology and internet, the popularity of online poker games are increasing day by day and persistently attracting thousands of players. One of the very demanded game of poker is domino qq kiu kiu.

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About the game:

Domino is a game which is very prominent in countries like Indonesia. It is somehow related to a game called Pai Gow which is very popular in China. It is also called domino 99 pokers.

How it is played?

Gamers generally play this game by using the combination of two dice or dominoes but in Indonesia, it is often played with small cards. And these cards are rejected after a few games are over because they demonstrate the signs and symbols of wear and tear.

The procedure of playing this sport is explained further:

Step 1:

Firstly, the players are supposed to give a fixed amount of money or ante and that goes to a pot where the money of other players is kept.

Step 2:

Then they are given their cards.

Step 3:

After the evaluation of cards, all players in return may

  • Bet(only if no previous bettor is there)
  • Call and Raise ( when previous bettor is there)

Step 4:

If only one bettor was there in the round one, then the game gets over then and there and that bettor becomes the owner of the pot where the money of all the players were kept and he is not even required to show his cards.

Step 5:

Otherwise, one more card is given to those players who didn’t choose the option of fold.

Step 6:

After that, final and last round of betting takes place and the players or bettors exposes their cards and also declare their hands. And the pot is taken by the player with maximum hands.

While playing this game, the cards are converted into pairs and after that the amount given by various players or pips are added on every pair. During the process of addition, the unit digits are only taken into consideration. Nine, often called kiu or qiu, is the highest possible pair.

The game of domino qq kiu kiu demands high level of intelligence and dedication. Mathematics as well as bluffing tactics is usually employed by players while deciding when to make a bet or when to fold.

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