Various forms of sports betting

Sports betting are a complicated betting arena. There is no single way of betting in sports. In its various forms, people win and lose hundreds and thousands of dollars each year through sports betting. Sports betting can also be found online.

There are various forms of sports betting and what follows is a shallow guide to the most popular ones.

1- Live Betting

This is a fixed odd betting but a bit different from the traditional betting. In the traditional sports betting, wagers are placed before an event. In live betting, however, wagers are placed during the event. That is until the event is about to end, the betting continues.

2- Exchange Betting

In an exchange betting, wagers are placed before the start of the event. However, there is no bookmaker involved in the process. The wagers are placed between the betters directly.

3- Spread Betting

Spread Betting is a complicated form of betting in which the better predicts over or under a certain amount of runs or points set by the bookmaker.

4- Pari-mutuel Betting

In Pari-mutuel Betting, the bookmaker is again, removed from the betting scene. It works on the simple principle that the gamblers put their money into a ‘pool’ and after the event, the winning wagers receive money out of the pool.

5- E-sports betting

This is the latest development in sports betting and it doesn’t even involve sports. It is betting on online games and video games in events and tournaments where online gamers play against each other.

With every international game that comes up, sports betting takes on a new rush. Whether it is online like at or offline. The fun of the game is not in betting, instead, it is in the game itself.

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